The state of meditation – Techniques to get there

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I’ve been busy this week creating a series of guided meditations and as a part of the project I have prepared some introductory videos on meditation.

One of the important topics in the videos is the fact that a lot of people find meditation difficult. In fact, probably due to trying advanced meditations or meditations that were not suited to them, most people find it either boring or hard.
The main problem I hear is, “I can’t seem to clear my mind”
“How can I think about nothing?”
Well, what I say in my new videos is that strict meditation techniques may not be suited to all beginners and you should be open to explore the diverse selection of meditation techniques that are available.
Sitting cross-legged chanting om and clearing your mind of all thoughts is the traditional picture of meditation but this and similar techniques are in fact…  simply techniques.
Techniques to help you get to the state of meditation.
The techniques are not the meditation, the techniques simply lead you towards a place where you can enter into the state of meditation.
Different techniques are suitable for some people more than others.  It is a very personal thing… you really need to explore the thousands of different techniques that are out there to find which ones you are most attracted to.
In the end, the state of meditation is the same whether you are sitting in the lotus position under a tree or if you are jumping up and down in one of Osho’s dynamic meditations.
The end result is the same…
The techniques are many, but there is only one state of meditation.
Here is an article by the people at psychic universe which offers 5 simple alternatives to traditional meditation.
5 Meditations for People Who Don’t Like to Meditate
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