Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

What is ‘Spiritual Coaching’?

My Spiritual Coaching sessions are all private, one on one sessions with me using Zoom. The sessions last about an hour and are customised to your specific needs.

As I am all about Angels and communicating with them, I have a special introductory session that might interest you. 

If you like this then we can discuss where you are at, where you would like to be and craft a plan on how to get there… with just a handful of sessions most people see incredible results and most, if not all, are achieving the goals they set out to accomplish in their sessions. 


I have an introductory session that is aimed at people who want to learn how to improve their psychic abilities and/or their Angelic connection.

Spiritual Coaching

‘Angel Channeling Onboarding Session’
60+ minute session 

In this introductory session we begin by discussing your knowledge and experience with the Angels and what level of communication you have with them at the moment. 

Then we will talk about ways in which Angels communicate with us and through a series of exercises, we’ll discover which of your psychic channels you have most developed.(clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognicence)

We then go on to discussing an area of your life you would like to focus on right now. This leads into a short Angel channeling session where we will see what Angels are working with you and what advice they may have for you. You can even enter into a Q&A session with the Angels here if you want.

We then do an Angel card reading together to confirm the messages given. 

To finish off the session we will set some goals for your chosen issues or life-area from before. There will also be exercises you can practice to help evolve your psychic connection and Angel communication techniques in an active way.  

The Investment for this session is just $111 at the moment.

After the first session, I offer packages of 4 and 6 sessions at further reduced prices.

I suggest that people leave 2 or 3 weeks between sessions as the changes that are bought about by the work we do and the development of your psychic abilities (Angelic communication) at times can become overwhelming and may take a week or two to become fully integrated.   

If you are interested in arranging an introductory ‘Spiritual Coaching Session’ with me,
CONTACT ME HERE and let me know a bit about yourself and what you want to work on.