New 432Hz tuning brings music into harmony with our chakras and our DNA

Jun 1, 2012 | Calm Music | 0 comments

Switching to Natural 432Hz Harmonics | Inspiritualization


This intriguing article talks about a movement that is currently campaigning for the change of the traditional ‘concert pitch’

At the moment, concert pitch is measured from the note ‘A’ correlating it so that it vibrates at 440 Hertz. It is now being suggested that this should be changed to 432 Hertz, a change of 8 cycles per second. The change in pitch is hardly noticeable even to the most highly trained ear being a difference of approximately one eighth of a tone.

Basing the tuning of instruments on the new A=432Hz standard makes complete sense. The slight flattening or lowering of the scale brings the vibrations and harmonics of all music into line with our DNA and with our chakras. More specifically with the heart chakra.

When I was composing the Healing Chakras CD I researched into the frequencies of each chakra and their corresponding lightwaves. As each chakra has its own color I halved the wavelength of this color, then halved it again and again and again until I got down to an audible frequency. In each case I came up with the nearest key or tone for each of the colors and chakras. The tones I came up with however were all a little out and if I had have used the new 432Hz standard they would have been spot on.

Check out the article on their website (link at the top of this post) because they go into extreme detail about this. I find it fascinating and for me it has answered a lot of questions and makes complete sense. I will be using this tuning from now on when ever I can.