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Here are some short and simple meditation techniques that you can do with the music from Crystal Heart or Healing Chakras, or any other appropriate relaxing music or even in silence.

I’ve just posted a fairly long article on how Meditation with crystals. This includes several meditation techniques that you can do with quartz crystals or other crystals and stones along with information on how to cleanse and activate your crystals.

To read the article – CRYSTAL MEDITATION


Alignment meditation

The first technique is the alignment meditation. It will bring you into alignment with the earth and with the spirit realm.

Start by finding a quiet and comfortable place. You can do the meditation lying down or sitting down. Sitting down in an upright position is best as you are less likely to get too comfortable and drift off into sleep.  If you are sitting make sure that both feet are flat on the ground and that you don’t have your arms or legs crossed.

Mudra - Hand position for this meditation

Close your eyes and with your palms facing up make a mudra with your hands by gently touching the tip of your forefinger with the tip of your thumb on each hand. Take three or four really deep breaths, don’t hold them in nor push the air out… just natural deep breaths.

Now be aware of your heart… you might hear it beating or feel it beating or simply you might just be aware of it.  Concentrate on your heartbeat, notice how it is, if it is strong or weak, fast or slow.

Once you are in tune with your heartbeat imagine a golden energy surrounding your heart. Imagine that golden energy getting bigger and slowly extending downwards through your body… down into your stomach… down into your legs and out through the bottom of your feet… right out of your feet and into the Earth itself. Imagine that the golden energy coming out of your feet is like two long golden roots. Let these roots go deep down into the Earth, right into the heart of the planet, right down into very center of the Earth.

Now your heart is connected with the Earth, be aware of the earth’s heartbeat. Feel the planet and let its heartbeat come to you. If you have trouble with this then simply imagine the Earth as having a huge pulsating heartbeat.

Your heart is now rooted firmly into the center of the Earth. You are free at this point to let go of all your ailments and pain and let the Earth dissipate them and transform them. Visualise all of your pains and physical discomfort flowing out through the bottoms of your feet and into the center of the earth where can be dissipated and recycled.

Once again be aware of the earth’s heartbeat, notice if it is strong or weak, fast or slow. Now bring this earth energy back up from the planet and up through the golden roots you set down previously. Allow the planet’s heartbeat to rise up into your chest and to superimpose itself on to your own heartbeat, you should now have your heart and the earth’s heart beating as one.

Now imagine your hearts golden energy rising up into your throat, up through your head, out of the very top of your head and up into the heavens. Imagine a column of golden light ascending up into the spirit realm… rise up above your body and into this realm. Now begin to feel the heartbeat of the spirit realm. .

It is here that you can now let go of any of your mental problems or ailments. Let go of each Little worrying or nagging problem you might have at this time in your life, any concerns about anything, about money, health, relationships… let it all go into the spirit realm where it will be absorbed and dissipated.

Try and feel the pulsating rhythm or heartbeat of this realm and slowly travel back down into your body, bringing with you the heartbeat of the spiritual realm. Bring it right back down to your own heart where you can unite it with your own heartbeat and that of the earth which you placed there earlier.

Now take some deep breaths and feel the three heartbeats together. Feel your heart energy flowing down into the earth and up into the spirit realm at the same time.

You are now at one with yourself, nature and the planet and with the spiritual realm. Spend a few moments in this place enjoying and breathing before slowly returning your awareness to your surroundings and opening your eyes.

This is a very short meditation and can be completed in a matter of minutes or you can continue it for much longer if you wish.

It can serve as a good prelude for other meditations or just done daily to keep you in touch with your true environment and to help you not get lost in the mundane everyday dramas that we seem to be a part of.

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