Meditation with Crystals

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About meditation with crystals

There are so many meditations you can do using quartz crystals and other crystals and gem stones that I could write a whole book about it.

Quartz Crystal for MeditationQuartz crystals are basically amplifiers of energy so what ever you put into them comes out amplified. This is true for any type of energy, from basic earthly energies such as electricity or pressure to the higher subtle energies of thought and intention and even higher vibrations too such as spirituality and faith. I often use quartz crystals as an aid in my Reiki healing sessions to amplify and focus the healing energy

Each different type of crystal or stone has its own properties but you might want to start by trying a simple meditation with a clear quartz point.

Make sure you clean the crystal before hand by washing it under cold running water with clean thoughts. As I mentioned before the crystals can act as amplifiers and if you are unsettled and having negative thoughts whilst you are cleansing them then they can later hold a part of that negativity and give it out during your meditation. The best way to clean them is to think or imagine a pure white light going into the crystal as you hold it under the running water. You only really need do this for half a minute or so or until the crystal feels clean to you.

Now you have you clean quarts you can start your meditation.

There are so many ways to do this so here are just a few of the many methods you might want to use.

You can simply hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and meditate as usual, you will probably notice some subtle change in your meditation, beware though that you do not spend all of the time looking for the effect that the crystal might be having and instead try to forget that you have it there.

Experiment with the direction (This will depend somewhat on the size and shape of the crystal). Try sitting with the point of the crystal towards you and then in a later meditation try with the point facing outwards and then again with the point facing straight up.

Another way to meditate is to simply place the crystal of stone under your chair or under your cushion. This is more effective if it is a large or powerful piece that you are using.  Once again don’t spend the meditation wondering what effect the crystal is having.

Crystal gazing is also very powerful. You place a crystal before you, preferably at eye level or where you can see it well close up and even better if there is a light source behind it such as a window or a candle or even an electric light. (it doesn’t have to be a strong light source nor does it have to be close). This works particularly well with quartz crystal spheres. Now look into the crystal for a while, trying not to focus on the inside but instead on all of the outside edges as if you were using your peripheral vision. After a while, out of the corner of your eyes you will see a sort of twinkling around the outer edges, just allow this light to flow into you as you meditate with your eyes open. Do not try to look at this twinkling light or it will go away, instead simply allow it to flow into you.

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Amythist Crystal for MeditationIn Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible she suggests that you can ‘get to know’ your crystals or stones by meditating with them. You start the meditation as before by staring into the crystal. You examine it in every little detail, you look deep inside it and allow yourself to get lost inside it. Then when you have been doing this for a while you can close your eyes and just soak up the energy of the crystal as you begin to meditate. You might even receive messages from the crystal in the form of unexpected thoughts or visions.

Another really good way that I use crystals in my meditation is with music. I have a channeled Chakra healing CD but it will work with most new age music especially made for relaxation. Just having the crystal placed somewhere in your auric field you will find that the vibration of the music will be subtly amplified at much higher frequencies by the crystal and you will be able to experience both the music and the energy of the crystal  lot more intensely.  Be careful how you use this method because if you are listening to strident music or music with negative energy then this will of course be amplified providing an uncomfortable experience.

Most of these Crystal meditations are not the typical ’empty your mind’ type meditations but they can be just as useful in so far as they will stop the constant mental chit chat that we all get and it will calm you both mentally physically and psychically all helping you to get into that place of meditation.

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