Guided Meditation for Centering

Here is a guided meditation that can be used for centering yourself and to help you relax.

It can be used before other meditations, before yoga sessions, healing sessions or any other type of therapy. You can also do this meditation on your own without the music and guide once you have learned it.

The music is original and specially composed for this meditation.

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  1. Thank you for sending me that especially today and especially right at this moment… I was rushing around trying to get everything ready to go to an event and i was definately not taking the time this morning to do any of my morning rituals.. Now that i listened to your amazing meditation (not the first time) my heart has stopped racing and I Know everything will be as it should today.. Again, thank you for sharing it with me and yes I’ve shared your inspiration with facebook and many of my friends.


  2. These Andy Bramhill videos and music are the best! I have a few on my mp3 and I listen to them in the park every chance that I get. They always chill me out and give me a new focus with which to approach my personal challenges! Thank you so much for sharing your creative gift with others!

  3. This music is really having a soothing, focusing and guiding effect.
    This guided meditation is really awesome. Thank you for sharing this music. I really loved it.
    Thanks Andy,

  4. Wow! Powerful. I am working on a project.Felt very scattered. I received your email with the centering heart chakra and at first I was going to put off listening to it till this evening. then I thought, No, I need it now. So I took time out to go to a quiet place and listened. I am so glad I did. I feel calm and focused.

  5. Simply beautiful, your voice has a wonderful soothing tone and the music gently guides you along. I sat for a further 10 minutes in the silence and feel fantastic THANK YOU.

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