The Archangels And Their Energies - CDA CD like never before… with the celestial energies of the Angels, channeled and brought down to earth as music.

Each Archangel offers their particular energy and character to each one of the nine pieces of this album.

  • Archangel Gabriel announces the start of this work. He awakens us and gives us direction…
  • Then comes Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of beauty and wisdom of love
  • Then Archangel Michael appears with his mighty sword he will help us to eliminate low energies and will ground us spiritually.
  • Now the Archangel Rafael can enter with his healing green energy.
  • Next comes Archangel Chamuel with a bright pink energy offering nothing more than compassion and unconditional divine love.
  • Zadkiel follows offering transformation by connecting with the heart and crown.
  • Following is Archangel Metatron who pioneers the use of sacred geometry activating his Merkaba raising us up to the Angelic realms.
  • Next it is the turn of Archangel Sandalphon who’s earth energy comes in from below and rises up into our hearts.
  • To end the journey we have Archangel Uriel who brings us peace serenity.