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I have made a guided meditation version of the Healing Chakras CD

Includes the guided meditation (music and voice) PLUS a free copy of the original album (music only).

This guided meditation lasts just over an hour (if you do need a shorter meditation then there is an appropriate place to stop after about 35 minutes).Each track on the album has been created to incorporate the energy of one of the chakras… As you probably know, each chakra vibrates to the frequency of a certain color, likewise each chakra also vibrates to the frequency of a certain musical note. Each of the tracks has been created with this in mind.The guided meditation will take you by the hand and lead you into a meditation where you activate chakras one by one, you are told to imagine a ball of colored energy coming out of your chakra as it opens, You are then allowed to drift off into the music as that chakra starts to slowly open up and spin. Each track lasts about 5 minutes and then you go onto the next chakra. Once all 7 chakras have been activated the energy of the music changes and the second part of the meditation will begin.This second part of the meditation is a lot deeper, the energy now changes direction and starts to pour in through your already open chakras.
You now allow the energy to flow inwards, this time beginning with the crown chakra… With each track you then work your way back down the chakras one by one. Once you reach the root chakra with the last track of the album you should have the energy flowing up through your spine, coming back down into your crown chakra and flowing all the way back down to the root again.This meditation will completely energize you and repeated practice of this will open you up to a new level of consciousness… the benefits are endless.The Guided Meditation is available as a download only. You get two albums with the download… the meditation and also a version of the album without the voice over, just the music. If you are interested in hearing a sample from the album you can get a free download of one of the tracks by signing up to the mailing list over in the right hand column of this page.The video here should give you a sample of what it is all about.