Days for the Chakras?

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The Holy Numbers – AUDIO: Thursday is GREEN Chakra Day

This is from a website I just stumbled upon. They suggest that each of the chakras can be related to a day of the week. 7 Days, 7 chakras….  makes sense right?

We know that the chakras resonate to a frequency so high that it can even be called divine. Sub harmonics of this divine frequency can be interpreted as intention, and physical well being with different frequencies appearing for each chakra. Slow the frequency down even more and the sub-harmonics we get become visible and can be correlated to light, hence the different colors for each chakra. A further drastic sub division of the frequency of light will in fact offer a vibratory frequency so slow that it becomes audible and this is how we correlate each of the chakras to a musical note or key. (note that the chakras do not correspond directly to the notes in ascending order but each one to its own note which is a sub harmonic of the associated color).

Now the article above states that each chakra is associated to a day of the week. Fascinating but I’m not sure how this works out. The web page quotes that ‘Ravensdale confirmed that each of these Chakras also conform to the days of the week’.

I am not sure who or what this Ravensdale is. I have searched the internet but can not find any relevant information.

Still, it would be nice to think that each day is a chakra day.

Take a look at my ‘Healing Chakras’ CD, play the track for the associated day and let me know in the comments below if you feel that it is associated or not. According to the article the 1st chakra starts with Monday and the 7th will in that case be Sunday.