The Chakras – The Heart Chakra

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4 – The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra is known as Anahatta in ancient Sanskrit. It is located right in the center of the chest. Its energy flows out of the front of the chest and to a lesser extent also out of the back at a point directly behind.

This chakra is all about love and feelings. Love in its purest sense.

The heart chakra represents a balance in relationships, links with others and with oneself. It is literally the center of our being, both physically and psychologically.

When this chakra is activated fully it benefits the heart and the lungs. If the chakra is blocked it can cause breathing problems, high blood pressure and even heart related ailments.

The associated colors for the heart chakra are green or pink. The way it is used in the healing chakras CD is that when the meditation is working its way up, activating the chakras from the bottom up then the color to activate it is green. Once all the chakras are open and active then on the way back down the body, the color best suited for bathing the already open chakra is pink.

Its element is air and the metal associated is Tin. Its gem stones are rose quartz, green quartz or emerald. When you use these stones, especially the rose quartz, which is has a very loving energy, they can help us to transmit loving vibrations which will help  to heal the wounds of the heart. It can teach us to accept and to love. They can also help us to see the love in others and appreciate them more. These stone can also stimulate creativity and fantasy at the same time as balancing us emotionally.

When the heart chakra is in balance, the psychological aspects can be compassion, acceptance of what cannot be changed and a great general opening up emotionally. The psychological aspects of the heart chakra when it is out of balance are low self esteem, loneliness, sadness and a closing up emotionally.

To balance the chakra you can use meditation music in the key of G and imagine a ball of gentle green light centered around the area of the chakra. Imagine a 12 petalled green lotus flower opening slowly and rotating over the chakra. This 12 petalled green lotus flower is represented in the Sanskrit Mandala for the chakra.