Are you receiving Angelic Messages? or are you imagining it?

The top 3 ways to tell the difference!’

In my Angelic Communication Course, I teach people just that… how to connect and converse with the Angels. This in itself is not as difficult as it might appear, however, many who attempt it often ask themselves, 

“Is this real? Or am I imagining it?”

I am going to outline 3 of the most popular ways to tell if what you are experiencing is pure ego-based imagination of if indeed you are receiving Angelic messages. 

First off, we have,

#1 – intention:

This is a quick check you can make to see if you are receiving Angelic communication or if it is ego-based imagination. 

Simply ask yourself, 

“Did I establish a pure spiritual connection before starting the process?” 

“Have I protected myself psychically?”, and 

“Have I asked a question that is deserving of an answer?” 

If you simply fire off questions into the air hoping that the Angels will answer, you may well receive an Angelic response… but is actually more likely to be met with your own brain/ego working overtime to try and answer the question. Spend a few moments in meditation or prayer and center yourself spiritually… Make that spiritual connection before you start and your questions are much more likely to get straight through to the Angels. 

Are you psychically protected? Are you sure you are talking to the Angels and that your petitions aren’t being answered by other energetic beings on lower levels?

Make sure you take the necessary steps to establish pure Angelic communication only. 

Is your question deserving of an Angelic answer? By this I mean, is it actually a question? Many times people try to get the Angels to help them hoping that they will know exactly what they are thinking and feeling. Where that might be true to a certain extent, if you can ask them a straight question you will get a straight answer, on the other hand, if you simply express feelings and vague desires, the sort of communication you will receive in return will be vague and nebulous.

The next important point to consider in discovering if it is the Angels talking or your imagination is:

#2 – Swiftness:

Do you get your answer almost before you’ve finished asking the question?

Often if you ask a question, and receive the answer very quickly, you might come to the conclusion that it must be your own mind answering because you had barely finished asking the question before the answers came. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth as this rapid answer is a typical sign of true Angelic communication. If you ask a question and are waiting for the answer or looking for it then simply try again because it won’t come by waiting. If you have made your spiritual connection, then the answer should come to you immediately. If you get no answer it does not mean you have no Angels communicating with you, simply that you are not recognizing the communication for what it is. Many times, communication from the Angels is mistaken for imagination due to the fact it comes in so quickly.

Another good way to check if it is the Angels speaking to you or if it is your imagination is to look at the quality of the answer you are getting.

#3 – Answer Quality

Kind, loving, non-judgemental, with total respect of free will, and humorous, are all typical qualities of Angelic communication. If your question is answered in any of these ways, this should reassure you that you are likely getting a true Angelic message rather than your own imagination. 

All 3 of these points mentioned here are typical signs that you are receiving Angelic messages as opposed to a product of your own imagination. None of them by themselves are enough to say, ‘Yes, that proves that the message I am receiving comes from the Angels’, but if you have doubts, and there are several of the qualities mentioned here present in your answer then it is probable that the message you are getting is indeed Angelic. 

Be careful though as the mind and the ego often play tricks and give you the answer you want to hear… but if you make the connection with the Angels, take the process slowly, and are not too involved in the matter then you should get clear and consistent answers from the Angels that with practice will lead to establishing true two-way communication and dialogue with them. 

As food for thought, I would like to leave you with a line from the final movie in the Harry Potter series. 

Harry finds himself in a strange world that he figures to be the place where the dead go. He asks, 

“How do I know this is real and not just in my head?”

He is answered with.

“Of course it’s in your head Harry, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

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