Angel Communication Course

Angel Communication Course:

Would you like to be able to communicate directly with the Angels?

To be able to ask questions and even establish a dialogue with them?

Well, did you know that this is something that we are all capable of doing innately? 

It makes sense if you think about it… the Angels are with us all.
They are not here just to communicate with a few chosen ones.

They are here for everyone!

In this 6 week course, I have been charged by the Angels to teach you exactly how to communicate with them (or to remind you that you have always been able to do so).

You too can channel your own Angelic messages, whenever you want. 

Let me show you how.

This is a 6-week course with me where we hold live interactive sessions once a week using Zoom. Each session lasts about 3 hours.

The course is held once every few months and has limited places to ensure a more personal touch for all involved. 

The classes are held live, i.e. not pre-recorded, and as the places are limited, there is plenty of time for questions as we go which makes sure nobody gets left behind. 

As a part of the class, each week we use Zoom’s ‘Breakout Room’ technology which enables us to split the class into smaller groups of 2 or 3 people for monitored practice sessions. 

This way, everybody gets to practice their Angelic channeling, gets feedback, and can get personal help from me. 

You will learn all about Angels, Archangels, and channeling.  

You will see how the Angels work with us and how we can best interpret their messages. 

You will learn how to best develop your own psychic abilities to communicate with the Angels on a very personal level.

The principle aim of the course is to help you discover,  develop and practice your innate abilities to connect with the Angels. 

With a little practice, most of the students find they are able to establish a true two-way connection with the Angels by the end of the course. 

Here is some of what is covered in the course:

  • What are Angels and Archangels? – All about them
  • 4 common methods for connecting with the Angels – With Guided Practice Sessions
  • The 5th dimension and ascension
  • Ascension symptoms and how to handle them
  • My.’ easy’ meditation technique and how to use it to connect with the Angels
  • Receiving messages from other people’s Angels
  • Angelic initiation to help connect and communicate with the Angels
  • Channeling
  • Different types of intuitive/psychic communication – Which is yours?
  • Developing your psychic abilities + Practice sessions
  • Developing your Angelic communication + Practice sessions
  • Angel signs
  • Establishing a dialogue with the Angels
  • Practice giving and receiving Angelic messages
  • Instant connection with the Angels
  • Low vibrational energies, psychic attack, and psychic protection
  • How to create an Angelic Altar
  • 15 popular Archangels and their energies
  • Working with Angels and color
  • Talking with your Angels
  • Practice channeling messages
  • Exercises in confidence
  • The difference between Angelic communication and the imagination
  • Oracles and Angel cards
  • Angelic Earth healing
  • Sacred geometry primer
  • Angel numbers

    Several guided meditations and multiple guided practice sessions. 

The next ‘Angel Communication Course’ starts on Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Classes will be held on Fridays from 7 pm – 10 pm (UK time)
(1 pm – 4 pm, New York)
(10 am – 1 pm, Los Angeles)

If you would like more information, to reserve a place, or if the times are impossible for you,

please contact me here