How to connect with the Angels using Angel Cards

Angel cards fan

A quick and easy way to establish contact with the Angels and to invite the Angels into your life.

You can use the Angels cards to guide you and you can also use them to read for other people as well.

The focus of this course is on establishing contact with the Angels and being able to read the cards in an intuitive way, guided by the Angels. In this way, they are truly Angelic messages that you will receive and you are not always limited to what is in the little book that comes with the cards.



How to connect with the Angels through using Angel Cards.

A 5 class mini course as pre recorded videos, distributed each day for 5 days.

Once you have recieved the lesson, you can watch the videos as many times as you want for as long as you want. 

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Module 1 –  Introduction:
(Length: 45 minutes)

  • How the course works
  • Your expectations (and mine)
  • Choosing a deck
  • Angelic Activation
  • Energetic cleansing of your deck

Module 2 – The cards and the Angelic connection
(Length:  51 minutes)

  • Angelic Communication
  • The Cards
  • Making the Connection 
  • Psychic protection
  • Readings for yourself
  • The question
  • Shuffling
  • The spreads
  • Interpreting the question and communicating it

Module 3 – The Spreads
(Length: 50 minutes)

  • A selection of 7 different spreads with examples

Module 4 – The dynamic spread
(Length: 27 minutes)

  • Using the undefined spreads to help establish that Angelic connection.

Module 5 – Conclusion
(Length: 23 minutes)

  • More uses for the Angel cards and your Angelic connection 

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