‘3 secrets to giving impeccable Angel Card readings… even for yourself’

Angel cards spreadOf the 3 secrets, I am about to reveal, some of them might seem obvious to you but do not be deceived by their simplicity. Oftentimes these small details are the keys to opening the doors which allow you to make great advances in developing your abilities.

Secret #1 – Establish a pure connection with the Angels:
The first secret to giving an impeccable Angel card reading is to make sure you know exactly who you are talking to and how you are going to establish that communication. This is one of those obvious but subtle steps I mentioned earlier.

To give an Angel card reading you just need to ask a question (even the question is optional at times) and lay down the cards to see what they say, checking on the meanings of each card if necessary.

To give an impeccable Angel card reading, you will use the cards themselves as a mere tool to enhance your angelic communication. The cards will serve as a sort of flashcard displaying what it is the Angels are trying to communicate to you. When we use multiple cards in this way, certain nuances may appear within the messages too.

You will find that the traditional meanings of the cards become less relevant and that the meaning of any particular card might vary from one reading to the next. This is ok because the most important thing to remember about this first secret is that we are NOT reading the cards, instead, we are receiving a message from the Angels.

Therefore, the very first thing we need to do is to make sure we establish a clear and pure connection with the Angels to enable this process to take place.

Secret #2 – Get VERY clear on the question:
It often happens that people come to me for an Angel card reading and I ask them what they want to ask the Angels about and they will answer, “Just a general reading please”, or “Whatever the Angels want to tell me”.
There is nothing essentially wrong with this, however, it is really vague, and if we ask vague questions of the Angels, they will give us vague answers.

In general, the more specific we can be with our questions, the more specific the Angels are as they send their message through the Angel cards.

Having said that, it is best not to ask questions that call for a ‘yes/no’ answer, as these would be better suited to a pendulum or a coin flip.

The best type of questions we can ask of the Angels are those of guidance.
We can ask ‘how certain situations or people are affecting us?’, How we can best manage certain situations?’, ‘what would be the best plan of action for all involved?’ etc.

Getting the question right is very important as we need to realize that we will not get any ‘yes/no’ answers, nor will the angels recommend anything that takes away our free will, nor that of anybody else.

Beautiful revelations occur when this process works, which it invariably does, but with just a little consideration at the time of formulating the question, (for yourself or with your client), you will notice a huge difference in the results.

Secret #3 – Establish a dialogue with the Angels
This is something we do not usually consider when we are giving an Angel card reading, but why not? An impeccable Angel card reading always goes smoothly and if you lay down the cards and find yourself wrestling with different interpretations, wondering what exactly the Angels are trying to say, then it is most probable that you have your ego stuck in there somewhere.

As I mentioned in the first secret, the cards are flashes of inspiration for you from the Angels. If that inspiration isn’t forthcoming immediately, then there is no reason why you couldn’t simply ask the Angels for clarification on what you are seeing. If you do not yet trust your own internal Angelic communication, you simply draw another card to clarify.

If you take this technique just a little further then you can establish a true two-way dialogue between you and the Angels on the issue you are asking about.

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